With a focus on a human-centered experience, The Gotham’s amenities and building systems are efficient, innovative, and intuitive.


The Gotham will feature a Conference Room, Communal Lounge and Modern Kitchen for personal use and entertainment. The complex features multiple levels of all-season landscaping and sweeping views of the city.

In the Lounge, Kitchen, Fitness Center and Roof Deck, Residents will be able to enjoy the sweet sounds of interactive Sonos speakers and amps. Large-format, smart TVs will be available for your entertainment in the Lobby, Fitness Center, Conference Room and Lounge.

Residents of The Gotham will be eligible for exclusive deals with PhillyWisper, a reliable, fast, responsive and affordable Internet provider.


Roughly 65% of The Gotham’s roof surfaces are green. In addition to contributing to a more sustainable building and community, these spaces are a beautifully landscaped oasis for residents to enjoy. The green roof system at The Gotham was designed by the project’s developer and green roof expert, E-Built. More information.


The complex is monitored by 50+ security cameras. The cameras are low-profile and thoughtfully located with respect for your safety and privacy. Every door on the property will be integrated into the Latch multi-family door system. Designed for security, flexibility and convenience, you will unlock and lock your unit through your smartphone and the Latch App. At the main entrance, Latch’s new intercom system which allows secure access for couriers and service providers.


Climate is controlled by a high-efficiency VRF system. Unlike other systems, VRF allows users to select heating or cooling mode year-round based on their units’ directional orientation and personal preferences. On average, a VRF system saves the user up to 55% in utility costs.

  • Hot water is provided on-demand by high-efficiency Navien tankless hot water heaters. To ensure accurate billing based on consumption, each unit is fit with a separate hot and cold water meter.
  • Each unit has its own meter to ensure accurate consumption-based billing. Wholesale supply allows for an overall lower operating cost resulting in a more sustainable building.